IT Consultant/Technician:


We are Looking for an expert IT Consultant or Technician to support our IT and maintenance team.

We offer a personalized, reliable and reasonable IT consultancy and support services to individuals, small businesses and organizations. SJ Communications Ltd is an innovative and rapidly growing IT consulting firm. We provide our clientS with cutting edge technology and the knowledge to apply them, to their individual business needs. The job description demands following skills for the above advertised position.


•To undertake the testing of various software's, system errors, identifying problem source and proposing solutions.

•Develop, implement and documents test plans for IT software and systems.

•Examine IT system for potential threats to its security.

•Develop quality standards and validation techniques for the IT system.

•Makes recommendations concerning software/system quality.

We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround.


To apply for this job, you must have:

- Good communication skills - able to manage both customers and vendors under pressure

- Good grasp of networking and storage essentials

- Experience in change management

- Experience of handling multiple tasks running concurrently with varying complexity, time constraints, impacts and risks


Key Responsibilities:

- To manage and deliver effective and well-organized IT services and to take an active role in the provision of technical IT services.

- The Infrastructure team is responsible for the support, maintenance, development and delivery of all infrastructure components.

- Evaluate and select systems and products and provide recommendations for improvements to service.

For further information please contact our technical department...




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